Safety Tips For Jet Skiing Beginners

Jet Skiing

Water sports are popular among people who enjoy adventure and thrills in life. Jet skis are one of the most exciting water sports, but there are many water sports people enjoy. Jet Skiing is an amazing thing that a person can do on the water, but this fast ride can cause serious injuries if it is not handled properly.

If you take precautions and extra safety measures on your Jet Skis and PWCs, your chances of injury will be reduced and you’ll spend more time on them. The following tips will help you stay safe this summer while riding a Jet Ski or PWC.

Safety tips for jet ski beginners

Wear a life jacket

It is common for Jet Skiers and people who participate in other water activities to not wear life jackets. When worn, a life jacket should fit properly to prevent water from pushing the jacket up towards your face, which makes it more difficult to stay afloat.

Life jackets that are too small can affect their ability to keep you afloat. These precautions are also very important with children. They must have a life jacket the right size for their size to reduce injuries and drowning. You should also ensure that your life jacket is U.S. Coast Guard approved and is appropriate for Jet Skiing.

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In most states, children must wear life jackets. However, in states that do not have this requirement, the U.S. Coast Guard requires children to wear a life jacket under the age of 13. If you will be taking children out on the water, make sure you are aware of your state’s requirements.

Wear eye protection

Cuts through the water can cause a powerful spray that can cause serious eye damage. The polarized sun-filtering kind is highly recommended so that you can see clearly even if the sun is bouncing off the water. If you do not have a helmet with built-in protection, you should use power sports goggles or glasses as a minimum.

Take a course

People who are new to PWCs or Jet Skis should take a crash course in handling such machines first. Several courses are available, and people do take them to learn how to ride a Jet Ski like a pro and avoid any accidents

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Ride in daylight

There is a strict prohibition on riding Jet Skis before sunrise or after sunset. Why? When the sun sets, riders are requested to turn off their machines and return to shore since there’s not enough sunlight and these machines do not have their own navigation lights. 

The thrill of riding a Jet Ski is great, but one must first learn how to use the machine like a professional before performing all the exciting stunts. Also, make sure you know the US Coast Guard’s rules and regulations in the state where Jet Skiing is permitted.

Use a jet ski lift

It is common to leave Jet Skis floating in the water when not in use, which can cause additional wear and tear. During operation, you may experience Jet Ski failure due to marine buildup in the inner workings. It is possible to prevent marine life from accumulating on your jet ski by drydocking it.

We recommend Jet Dock’s lifts for jet skis. Docking a Jet Ski from the water is made easier with PWC floating lifts. Jet Dock’s Jet Ski lifts provide easy drive-on docking in a safe environment due to their walk-around design. Their maintenance-free operation works in any water depth, even in very shallow waters. As soon as it’s time to put your Jet Ski away for winter, you can also store a floating Jet Ski dock lift inside and out of the water for easy re-installation in the spring.

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Keep up with maintenance

The maintenance of a jet ski is no different from that of a car or other vehicle. Keep up with the jet ski’s maintenance if you own one. Renters should inquire about the maintenance records of the vehicles they are renting. A jet ski that is not maintained properly can pose problems during the ride or can be severely risky.


During the summer most people like to spend some time on the shores playing games and having fun. Many people would also be interested in trying Jet Skis. Jet Ski riders should not ride if they are unfamiliar with all the necessary safety norms, regardless of whether or not they are doing so for the first time. Do not forget to follow all the safety measures listed above for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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