How to Pack a Suitcase Compactly?

how to pack a suitcase

Any trip is not only bright impressions and pleasant excitement, but also quite a lot of trouble. For starters, choose a suitable suitcase, roughly assessing your needs, the duration of the trip – this activity already takes a lot of time. And then you still need to pack everything you need so that all things fit without any problems.

In the process it turns out that folding everything without a special system is not as productive as we would like – the lid can hardly close, everything cracks at the seams, important items have to just lay out in the hope that they will not be useful after all. And you can take a special approach to assembly. With this optimization, you manage to reclaim every free millimeter inside and don’t have to carry any air with you. Read more about Yurovskiy.

Where to start

You should always start with a list of what you take with you. Before that, carefully examine the weather forecasts and objectively assess what you need to add to the kit and what is better to remove altogether. Write everything down, take things, lay them all out in front of you and divide them into two categories – luggage and hand luggage. Into the second goes:


money and documents;


small appliances;

personal first aid kit.

It is worth finding out in advance on the airline website what is allowed to carry as luggage and what is prohibited. Medicines are also allowed on the plane, but only if they are drugs of prime necessity during the flight. About their presence, it is better to warn employees, so that then there were no problems.

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Also at this stage, charmingly set aside things that can be used for their intended purpose immediately. If we take into account the winter period, it is better to put on the heaviest things, like bulky sweaters. Finally, go through all the inexpensive little things and carefully assess whether it will be profitable for you to buy them on the spot – if so, we leave them at home without regrets.

What to put on the bottom and what to do with laundry

Moving on to the question of packing your main luggage, you should, again, consider the weather to choose the best items for the temperature range, and then try to combine them with each other. It is important that they overlap as much as possible and from the minimum you can create enough images. In this way, it is possible to remove the superfluous. 

Given that many people take their shoes with them, it’s a good place to start. This piece of clothing, like everything else that falls into the category of heavy, is placed on the bottom. It is better to put it so that the right sock is in contact with the left heel. Sandals and slippers can be stacked around the perimeter.  If you do not have time to wash the soles properly, then pack shoes in shoe covers or special covers. Next come the socks, which can be tightly twisted, fixed with elastic bands, folded into the shoes, which will help to further save space and place up to 8 pairs inside.

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The same way we do with underwear – we twist and then close the empty spaces, if everything is already folded. For girls, placing panties in the cups of bras is considered relevant.

Laying the clothes

After packing large things, move on to more compact things. The fragile thing should be wrapped in something very soft and put in the center of the suitcase – here the thing will be safe and it will prevent the cover from blowing up when closing.  After this we divide everything into two categories according to the type of folding:



T-shirts, jeans, skirts, coats, jackets belong to the first category. But dresses, suits, pullovers, shirts and pants belong to the second category – either the ones that crease a lot, or those on which it is necessary to minimize the number of folds. So on arrival will be faster to bring everything in a more dignified appearance.

In the case of jeans turn out the top with the pocket out, then fold the thing in half and start twisting it tightly from the edge of the pant leg – at the end you tuck it all in the tuck and you can be sure that nothing will unravel. About the same thing is done with the t-shirt. Here you turn out a small part of the bottom, fold left and right halves to the center, then tuck in the sleeves and make a twist with further tucking.

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Skirts are folded in half and performed the familiar operation, the same with blouses and dresses. Sweaters, in addition to tight twist, it is better to tie and then, if possible, pack with a pouch. Jackets with a hood buttoned, wrap the sleeves inside and roll up from bottom to top, and then tuck into it.

Top Layer

If we talk about the second category, which uses stacking in layers, then go to it after laying out the first, when the basis is formed. Pants are necessarily stacked along the arrows and then by thirds in a pile, if from business clothes you have only them – several things of this format is better to put one on top of the other, with the belts in different directions.

In case you’re going to wear a suit when you arrive, it’s better to put the pants right away, then we’ll put the jacket and we can stuff the shoulders with something small so nothing will crumple here. After that comes the ironed and buttoned shirt – fold its sleeves diagonally, carefully tuck in those edges that are hanging out and add some rolls on the sides.

At the end, you can tuck in your makeup. Given that it is not convenient to carry a full bottle of shampoo and perfume, you can buy a travel kit from the transparent

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