Rummy Culture What Makes Rummy So Popular In India


India has a rich and old gambling culture. There are countless gambling games originating on the subcontinent and countless more were adapted from the western games. The games are popular both online and in actual real-life gambling establishments 

One of the most played games in India is called Rummy and it’s somewhat different from similar games that can be found in the West. Here we will try to quickly explain what causes the immense popularity of this game and how it’s played. 

What’s Rummy?

Rummy is a popular game in India and it’s considered to be the third most played game in the world. The game is social and that’s one of the reasons why it’s gained such a place in the hearts of players from India and beyond. It appeals to those who have a competitive side.

Traditional Indian games have always been more popular in India than the games that came to the country from British and other western influences. However, many western games are adapted so that an Indian version can be played by the local population.

Rules for Playing Rummy

The rules are the same when you’re playing for cash or tokens, meaning with no actual risk. The 13 cards you’re dealt need to be grouped in a valid set and sequence. The goal is to make at least two sequences. These are known as pure and legitimate sequences. 

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The game can be played by between two and six players. It can be played with one deck and two jokers or with two decks and four jokers depending on how many players are involved. The toss determines who players first. All players are dealt the same number of cards. 

Sets and Sequence

Set is the term used for forming a group of four cards of the same rank but different suits. For instance, a set of five of hearts, five of spades, and five of clubs, for example, can be formed. You can use a joker to replace one of the cards you’re missing. 

A pure sequence is made when three or more successive cards of the same suit are used. For instance, a pure sequence can be formed by grouping 5, 6, 7, and 8 of diamonds. Jokers can’t be used to make a pure sequence.

An impure sequence refers to grouping three or more consecutive cards of the same suit and a Joker card.

A Variety of Versions

There are a lot of different versions of Rummy to choose from when you’re playing online. If you know how to play one version you’ll quickly learn how to play all the rest as well. Players that are good at one version can also quickly become good at other versions as well. 

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There’s no such variety when playing offline, however. You’re mostly stuck with the one version that the casino has to offer. Sometimes this can be enough, but online players are used to diversity. 

Play Anywhere and Any Time

A great thing about Rummy is that it’s easy to make an online version of it. There are countless such versions out there both on sites and in the form of apps. Using one of these sites or apps allows you to play Rummy anywhere and anytime. 

If you have concerns when it comes to the privacy and safety of your personal data, you can play online without having to worry about any of those. The game can also be paused and resumed on your own time which can’t be done when playing in real life. 

Social Aspects of the Game 

Rummy is a social game by design and when playing online you get to play with others across the world. This is especially useful for new players that get a valuable experience out of these games and improve their gameplay in the process. 

As is the case with many other games played online, real social bonds began to emerge and many have made friends based on their shared interest in Rummy. The apps allow you to engage with the opponent, talk, and banter as is often the case with social games. 

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Rummy is Somewhat Novel

Rummy has been around for centuries and it’s not new to players in India and the subcontinent in general. However, the game is novel to those outside India and it has come to their attention when it becomes available online. For those players, the game is a refreshing novelty compared to western games.

For Indian players that are discovering the game online, the novelty comes from its internet and social media features and not the game itself, since the gameplay is familiar to them. All of this is to say that the game still seems new and exciting to many. 

To Sum Up

Rummy is one of the most popular Indian gambling games. It’s been around forever and it attracts players both offline and online. The game is easy enough to grasp and it depends on luck as much as it does on skill. It’s also social, meaning you’re playing against others.

Since the world of internet gambling is truly global, there are players enjoying the game that have never been to India. Rummy comes in a variety of forms and new apps and sites are being made every day with a new version to try and enjoy. 

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