Eddie Irvine: “Max Verstappen is the ultimate driver”

Mentioning the word ‘Formula 1’ is enough to infuse the racing enthusiasts with immeasurable zeal. This powerful activity started in the early 20th century and has not lost its charm even after many decades. Rather it has revolutionized to a whole next level leaving the spectators with wide-open mouths. The exemplary driving skills of professional car racers are mind-boggling and cannot be put in mere words. And when Tokyo Drift made an official appearance, the viewers were shaken and excited to the highest levels.

It is respectfully essential to quote the famous skilled names when it is all about car drifting and world-class F1 racing. Lately, statements given by Eddie Irvine are making repeated rounds on the internet and among the passionately interested audience.

About Eddie Irvine

Before knowing and weighing the statement of such a legend, it is imperative to pay tribute to his excellent contribution to this industry by talking a bit about his professional background. Have a glance at this sphere below.

  • Born on November 10, 1965,this well-acclaimed racer Eddie Irvine hails from Northern Ireland.
  • Eddie started early at the age of seventeen and became a young achiever by making way to the most reputed car racing championship- Formula Ford.
  • From 1993 to 2002, this British racer made everyone talk about his marvellous F1 skills and became the favourite idol of innumerable fans.
  • With 191 career points, 26 podiums, four wins, class win in 1994, 2nd best finish in 1994, and umpteen other merit acknowledgements, Eddie has so much to look back proudly on.
  • It is worth mentioning the year 1999 for Irvine. That season there were grand four victories in the name of this pro car racer.
  • The last entry of this legendary career was in the 2002 Japanese Grand Prix. And since his retirement, he is a famous face and respectable media personality of Great Britain.

Recent Statement about Verstappen and Hamilton

All the accolades, fame, talent, and passion for car racing make Eddie, an imperious person even after years of leaving the field. This is why anything Irvine says makes it to the news columns, especially when it is about today’s zealous drivers.

Recently, journalists ask this iconic person about the title of the 2021 title race. No wonder which two stars were the topics of this highlighted talk with Eddie. Yes, the conversation roamed around the two gems of racing competitions- Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Let’s know what this former driver and today’s celerity Eddie had to say.


Eddie’s Current Views

About the 2021 season

The well-seasoned previous driver Eddie admitted that the pressure on each participant is up to the neck. They have to fulfil the audience’s expectations, meet their own goals, and grab the title. On top of it, they are responsible for doing justice to the hard efforts of the 500-600 workers in the factory who are constantly on their toes to keep the vehicle in the best condition. But yes, the current 2021 season is amazing, Eddie says.

About Max’s proficiencies

In the praises of Max Verstappen, Irvine had ample goodies to talk about. He accredited the fantastic comeback of Max after six seasons and called him superfast. Also, he finds this today’s driver as the most dominant leader in his grid. Max will be overwhelmed to get praised by being quoted as a bit of Schumacher’s speedy effect. Verstappen is a matter of proud momentto be called the ultimate talent by the illustrious driver Irvine.


About comparing Max and Lewis

Whenever it is about any competition, the chatter is not around just one person but the best fellow participant. There would be no thrill, especially in an intense field like car racing, if there were no solid rivals. It was obvious to put Lewis and Max in juxtaposition to get comments from Eddie. Though he called Lewis a consummate professional, Irvine also mentioned that Lewis has weak spots.

Even when Max’s scoreboard is on a downside compared to Lewis’s, it is vital to consider the fact that there is a gap of eight years between the first entries of both these erudite drivers. Stay tuned for more adventure!

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