How to Promote a Facebook Page

Facebook Page

Every Facebook user can create an unlimited number of business pages. It can be a company page, a media page, an educational project page, an independent specialist page, etc. The author of the page is by default its administrator with all the powers. Unlike a Facebook group, a page cannot have friends, only followers. However, you can advertise a page, while a group cannot.

The business page has four other advantages: the number of subscribers is not limited, it is indexed by search engines, statistics and publication tools are available. Promoting a group on Facebook is different from promoting a business page. Read

Promotion of a business page

You can promote the page with free methods or with advertising. Free methods of promotion on Facebook are much the same as in other social networks. In the first place is the originality of design and quality of content.

Design. Business pages on Facebook are similar in structure, but you can stand out with a creative banner and avatar. When you go to the page the user should immediately understand where he came to, so it is desirable to write on the banner information about the company, place ads and a logo. The image for the banner should pick up a large size, not less than 1700 by 600 pixels, then on all screens the page will look good.

The name of the page is desirable to include keywords, especially if the page belongs to a small and little-known company. For example, Cafe “Plyushki and Vatrushki” – where in Moscow to eat inexpensively. In Facebook you can edit the link, so it’s better to change the automatically created link to a short and clear one. As in the example – ashamanovcom. Links are unique and can only be assigned to one page.

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Be sure to fill in information about the company-owner of the page: general information, description, products or services, contacts. Set the appropriate field of activity from the Facebook classifier.

Publications. Topics for publications should be lively and interesting. Quality content is paramount. Think through a page strategy and create a content plan. An example and rules for making a content plan can be found in the article “Promoting Instagram with content”.

To understand your subscribers’ interests, go to the statistics section. There are three indicators: reach, the number of clicks on the post and the number of likes, reposts and comments. In this way, the page owner can assess the virality and engagement of the published content. Publications that provoke interest are shown to a larger number of users. In this way, the page gets natural traffic without investing in advertising. Boring and unattractive materials Facebook shows less often and lower in the newsfeed.

It is necessary to format your publications properly. Posts should be in the first person, you should not talk about the owner of the page in the third person. The text in the publication should preferably be divided into paragraphs and separated by a blank line. Add a clear and informative title. The optimal length is up to 3000 characters. If it is more, the post will open in a separate tab in the browser. Many people do not like this. When the text is large and there is no way to shorten it, you should publish a separate note. You can add styles and photos to the post. This will make the text page easier to read. Notes are not promoted on Facebook. They can be promoted with short posts and links to the note in them.

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To choose when to publish, study your attendance statistics. Facebook will show when users are most active. You can rely on the stats when the number of followers has exceeded 100 and the page posts regularly. When the page is new, follow the standard guidelines. Number of publications per week – three to five. Time intervals: from 10 to 3 p.m. and from 7 to 10 p.m.

Photos draw attention to the post, make the user read it. There is less attention to posts without a photo. The picture should illustrate the text or demonstrate the products being written about.

If the publication does not have a suitable picture, you can pick up thematic from free photostocks. Vertical photos are better not to use.

Technical requirements

Photo format – 3:2 or square; 

The size for a post with a selection of photos – 1200 by 800 pixels; 

Size for a post with a link – 1200 by 630 pixels.

A post with a selection of photos and a general header is always eye-catching. Pick at least four good quality photos to create. Use the same font for all photos, preferably white.

Videos are the most in-demand content on Facebook right now. Videos look great on mobile devices. The video should be short, no more than 60 seconds. Intrigue from the first frame. It is desirable to show entertaining or useful content in the video: an expert interview, a small review or an entertaining video. A video can be inserted instead of a banner on the page. To do this, upload a video in the page profile in the “Change cover” setting. The video must be between 20 and 90 seconds long, with a size of 820 by 462 pixels. The video is shown without sound.

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Live videos – live video – get more engagement. They are shown to subscribers in the news feed, and there is a high probability that the user will watch it. For videos, too, it’s advisable to develop a strategy and put video posts in the content plan of the page. In addition to regular videos, post animations, video infographics, video panoramas, and motion design.

Communicating with subscribers involves active interaction. You should respond to comments and messages. If you don’t need an answer, just give the comment a “Like”. 

Communicating with subscribers involves active interaction. You should respond to comments and messages. If you don’t need an answer, just give the comment a “Like”. Respond in comments with a mention of the user. To do this, specify @name of the person, then he or she will receive an automatic notification. Communicating on Facebook implies a lively conversation without unnecessary emotions. Questions should be answered in-depth. You should say thank you in return for a thank you.

Facebook records the time of response to the message and displays this information in the profile page. When there isn’t a staff member available to respond to messages within an hour, set up an automatic reply to callers. To do this, go to the “Settings” section of your page, then – Messaging. Turn on the “Respond even when you’re not at your computer or phone” option. Facebook has a typical reply message or you can write your own text. The message is personalized: the user’s name or first name + last name is added to the reply. The same section also configures the initial greeting in Messenger on behalf of the business page.

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