How To Keep Your Jewelry Safe At Home?

Jewelry Safe

Whether you own one piece of fine jewelry or a hundred, you would never want it to fall into the hands of the wrong person. Since the instances of home burglaries are on the rise these days, it has become immensely important to keep your valuables safe.

You can either invest in a premium jewelry safe or take clever steps to hide them in places no one can even imagine. It means outsmarting a burglar because not everyone owns a safe deposit at the bank or has enough funds to buy one. However, you can always take creative measures to keep your valuables protected from thieves and environmental damage.

Invest In A Security System

If you wish to keep anything inside your home safe from burglaries, invest in a security system. Such systems are equipped with alarms, motion detectors, and closed-circuit cameras to lessen the probability of you falling a victim to property theft. It is also helpful to invest in led tape light ides to add powerful lighting almost anywhere.

Some security systems even have remote surveillance features and options to notify law enforcement of any suspicious activity.

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Inside Cleaning Supplies

Since the bedroom is an obvious place to hide your expensive jewelry, let’s move on to other ingenious ideas. Burying precious items inside cleaning supplies and kitchen pantries is probably the best idea.

You can stash your prized possessions inside pans, pots, cans, and empty bottles because thieves rarely waste their time looking at places these places. Even if they do, it will create so much noise that you will wake up.

So, dedicate a set of pots and pans for this purpose and stack them one on top of the other while hiding your precious items, preferably wrapped in protective material.

Fake Air Vent Storage Unit

Air vents are innovative places to keep your possessions safe from burglars. We are not asking you to store them inside actual air vents, but the fake ones you can easily find in the market nowadays.

Fake air vent storage units appear similar to the real ones but have enough space for storing the valuables instead. It is one of the safest places because it is highly unlikely thieves would invest their time opening them.

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Invest In A Jewelry Safe Box

You can never be too cautious when storing the precious items at home, away from the eyes of thieves. Even the people who regularly visit your place can be trusted. So, instead of storing your valuables in a box or a closet, consider investing in a sturdy and locked storage compartment or a gun safe that only you can access.

If your wholesale gun safe comes with a key, keep it hidden in a secure place. You can even opt for a safe with a combination lock to lower the risk of loss.

Buy Insurance For the Jewelry

While you may be extremely careful with your valuables as much as possible, you can never predict the unfortunate events. If a thief fails to open your safe box, you never know if he carries it to someone who can. So, open an insurance policy to cover some pitfalls, such as fires, floods, and burglaries.

You can even buy a comprehensive plan for your valuables, specializing in fine jewelry, gold, and precious stones. You can pick among a variety of packages and terms depending on the value and amount you desire to insure.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Placing your jewelry in clear view, whether inside of a lockbox, is a sure way to attract potential burglars to your place. Some people have the habit of tossing their stuff here and there. So you must always ensure to cover them even during cleaning and organizing.

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There are many ways to keep your possessions out of the view and reach of potential burglars. You can conceal the jewelry by placing a panel at the back of a shelf for a secret compartment, a flower vase, or a planter.

If you have a toddler at home, you can invest in a stroller as it is the safest and rarest place to hide your valuables. No burglar would even think of checking it out. You may even customize it according to your requirements by consulting a reputable pram manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

We hope the above tips help you avoid becoming the next target of a burglary. It is essential to keep the things you work hard for a priority and invest in their safety. Whether you invest in jewelry safe or install a fleet of security cameras, consider taking a few extra measures to ensure the safety of your prized possessions because you never know when a thief may find themselves in your home.

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