Why go for a 1 crore Health Insurance Plan?

health insurance

Medical or Health insurance is a kind of assistance or the coverage which helps us in meeting our medical expenses and bills in our unexpected circumstances. Due to COVID- 19 Pandemic, it becomes more important to take the best health plan which can help us in future when we don’t want to get exhausted on our savings. Expensive hospitalization may disturb a middle class person’s savings therefore it is extremely important to get the family secured with suitable medical insurance. During the pandemic, many people have seen how hospitals charge excessively from patients and hence if you are a person having your entire family dependent upon you then 1 crore health insurance plan can prove to be the best plan for your entire family. Therefore, health insurance may be a treasure in today’s time of medical inflation.

Basic fundamentals-Now-a-days, many companies are offering 1 crore health insurance, but it is to be noted that companies usually resist from providing good quality coverage to those who are already suffering from a chronic disease at an affordable premium. Therefore, you should buy insurance before you suffer from the disease. However, if you have no medical history, and you can prefer going for 20 or 30 lac health insurance plans instead of 1 Cr. And also, you should buy the insurance which is most adequate for your old age and when you will need it the most.

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Let’s dive into the core benefits of taking 1 crore health insurance plan

  • No limit of room rentals– There is no limit for room rent in the hospital and hence you don’t have to worry about the rental charges and you can freely get yourself and your family admitted into the hospital.
  • No limit of ICU charges– Everyone knows that hospitals charge insanely when it comes to ICU admission and sometimes due to lack of money, a middle class person avoids the severe condition. This negligence sometimes turns into a major accident. However, this health insurance is a savior for you in bad situations. You can rely upon and don’t have to worry about the ICU charges anymore because there is no limit of coverage of ICU charges.
  • Pre – and post- hospitalization medical expenses– This plan covers your pre- and post-hospitalization medical expenses as well. Generally, it covers you for 30 days pre and 60 days post hospitalization medication.
  • Organ donor expenses– It becomes quite expensive when it comes to the necessity of organ donation. People become unable to find the donor and if they find one, they find it much more expensive. Hence, this health insurance plan provides you expenses of organ donor up to the sum insured.
  • Individual and floater benefit– You can avail any of the options of choosing either individual or a floater option. There are many combinations available in case of floating options. You can choose according to your needs.
  • No claim Bonus– It is a money which is added to the sum insured which there is no claim availed during the year. It is a kind of reward which a person receives for not claiming. In this health insurance plan, you can get up to 10% of sum insured i.e. 1 crore up to a maximum of 50% of sum insured.
  • Deduction under Income tax– There is a deduction you can claim as per IT act for a maximum up to 25000 and pay lower taxes.
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Some specific and permanent exclusions– Expenses related to self injury due to suicide or attempted suicide, expenses which are due to drug or alcohol misuse, expenses arising due to change of gender treatments are specific and permanent exclusions.

Which is the best ?There are many companies which are offering different types of insurance and, therefore, you should choose the company which is best for you after a proper and full comparison details.

Care Insurance provides the best services among all due to its highest settlement claim ratio and cashless treatments at the networked hospitals within a maximum of two hours.

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Why you should choose Care Insurance as your insurance provider-

As per the statistics, care insurance has settled more than 25 lac claims without much of the hassles. And also, it has more than 16500 health care providers across the globe. Care health ensures that you get immediate access to the cashless treatment.

And now, everything is very quick and easy through the care health insurance mobile app. It is the one- stop solution for all your policy concerns. Many facilities are available for e.g. easy steps to renew the policy and getting all the policy documents safer inside one app.

All is well when the customers are happy and thousands of customers have already reviewed and mentioned how everything went smoothly. Choose care insurance over others to get the best experience.

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