Aston Villa: 1982 European Champions Cup Winners

Aston Villa

The European Cup, reformed into the Champions League in 1992, was the main club trophy of the Old World. There are dozens of great teams that never managed to win it. The list of winners includes many sensational names, but Aston Villa stands out among all of them. You can watch the club’s football live matches on the sports statistics website. Only relevant data, which is constantly updated, can be found here.

Villa became the winner of the Cup in 1982. The season before that, the team had sensationally won the English championship. However, big victories on the international stage were not expected from them as the players had virtually no European Cup experience. However, the lot played in their favor.

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It is easy to watch the current football matches of the team in live mode on the sports statistics website. It covers the team’s matches in all tournaments.

After that, none of Aston Villa’s subsequent participation in the European Cups has been as successful. This demonstrates how impressive the achievement of the 1982 team was.

How did the team manage to win the honorary trophy?

The team’s path to win the title was not the most difficult one, but it required concentration. By the way, today score football matches from the world of the Champions League are presented in real time. So, going back to “Aston Villa”, let’s mention that it played against:

  1. Valur. Villa confidently passed the team from the championship of Iceland on the sum of the two-match confrontation. The overall score was 7-0.
  2. Dynamo Berlin. The champion of the GDR was almost the most worthy rival to “Aston Villa”. The overall score of the two-match clash was 2-2. The British managed to qualify for the next round of the tournament only through the away goal rule.
  3. Dynamo Kyiv. At the quarterfinal stage, the English had the most titled opponent. Kyivans at the time were the strongest team of the USSR. However, the Villans managed to get a confident win. It won one game with a score of 2-0, which was enough to pass to the next round of the competition.
  4. Anderlecht. The strongest Belgian team of those years provided worthy resistance to the champion of England. Villa managed to score only one goal in two games, but it was enough for reaching the final.
  5. Bayern Munich. The club, which had won the Cup three times by that time, was considered to be the favorite in the decisive game. However, Villa were solid in defence, and converted one of the few chances and eventually managed to triumph with a score of 1-0.
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By the way today, it is easy to follow the football scores of Villa’s matches on the proven platform. Unfortunately for fans of the English club, it now does not appear in the CL. However, the victory of the 1982 team will forever remain in the hearts of the fans of this original team.

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